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It is said that Izabelle was the reason behind Tamanna and Virat’s break up.

Well, Virat’s luck has always blossomed in his personal life as well.

Unfortunately, when people were expecting their marriage announcement, there were rumors that their relationship was over.

Virat met Izabelle at a party thrown by a businessman.

Virat Kohli is considered to be the most promising cricketer of the Indian team.

His performance on field is increasing his popularity day by day.

We spoke to two expat ladies who are discovering just what Singapore has to offer for singles, and asked them to impart any tips they had on playing the dating game here.

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Virat is the talk of the town today and resides in almost every girl’s heart.Virat was quite offended by the media’s interference in his life. It was also said that not only they were dating but were also planning to marry.When Anushka got a lip surgery, the media called it Virat’s suggestion.“I was in a relationship from my late teens into my mid-twenties.I’ve lived in Europe and the US, but I was always in this same relationship.”* Names changed to withhold identities.

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