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This glossary provides definitions of terms used in Postal Services Information documents.

Corresponding French equivalents are indicated in brackets at the end of the definition.

An address is considered accurate when all the components of an address are present and correct and that they match information in Canada Post’s address database.

[Programme d’exactitude des adresses]a separate enclosure in a Publications Mail item used to provide the recipient’s address for delivery purposes.

Canada Post employees do not have the authority to sign on behalf of a customer during the course of their duties or while wearing their uniforms.

Canada Post offers customers the option of using a 2D data matrix barcode on mail items to increase creativity and help improve readability.

All COD item will be carded (no delivery to the door).

[flamme]All Regulations as defined in the Statutory Instruments Act and certain other classes of instruments and documents required to be published.This glossary is under review and its contents may be amended from time to time without notice.A program designed to encourage mailers to accurately address their mail.Common Sense with Dan Carlin isn’t a show for everyone, and that’s what makes it so great.It’s a smart, deep, passionate, engaging, inquisitive and of course, politically Martian view of news and current events. “This show isn’t just good and entertaining, when you listen to it you feel it’s important.

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