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Though his sermons have served other generations well, just as they came from the pen of the author in the nineteenth century, they still could be lost to present and future generations, simply because, to them, the language is neither readily nor fully understandable.

My goal, however, has not been to reduce the original writing to the vernacular of our day.

We will take the flower, and like true bees, see whether there be any honey in it; whether any good can come of it, or whether it is an unmixed, undiluted evil. First, I must try and prove that the doctrine is TRUE.

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He called you to this through our gospel, that you might share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ" (2Thessalonians -14).

Now, I trust this morning some of you who are startled at the very sound of this word, will say, "I will give it a fair hearing, I will lay aside my prejudices; I will just hear what this man has to say." Do not shut your ears and say, "It is extreme doctrine." Who has authorized you to call it extreme or normal? Remember what became of the children who found fault with God's prophet, and exclaimed, "Go on up, you baldhead! " Say nothing against God's doctrines, or some evil beast might come out of the forest and devour you also.

There are other griefs besides the open judgment of heaven--be careful that these don't fall on your head.

Lay aside your prejudices; listen calmly, listen objectively: hear what Scripture says; and when you receive the truth, if God would be pleased to reveal and manifest it to your souls, do not be ashamed to confess it.

To confess you were wrong yesterday, is only to acknowledge that you are a little wiser today; and instead of being a reflection on yourself, it is an honor to your judgment, and shows that you are improving in the knowledge of the truth.

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