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After arriving to Brazil, they had to take a small plane to reach the hotel in the middle of Jungle.

Even though they were the only two passengers, the plane was filled with supplies since the plane was the only mean of transportation from hotel to the modern world.

Julie was notorious for turning down even the hottest guys.

Looking down at the green carpet crisscrossed with snake like rivers only reminded Julie that she was so close to her dream vacation destination.

"An engine failure, I'll have to try to make an emergency landing.

Julie was too much occupied with the scenery on display through the narrow window to notice the gaze of her husband.This was a tell tale indication of Julie having to choose between her 34c bra with a more covered top in the humid climate or more exposed and cooler bra-less, strapless top.Julie always had a fascination for wild life and rainforests.After a grand wedding ceremony, it was Julie's idea go to a remote honeymoon hotel in the middle of Amazon jungle.Even though Sam wasn't a nature lover, he happily agreed knowing her love for nature.

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