Validating whether e mail is legit grabeste te incet online dating

Even if you validate the MX record, you can't reliably query the server because most email servers won't respond to the queries.Thank your friendly neighbourhood spammers for this.

Large volume checks in batch are not allowed and will be blocked automatically.This is technically true, but pratically inadvisable: ISPs (especially Yahoo and Hotmail) know about this and they will block deliveries from you (even to addresses that do exist) if you do this a lot. As I said in my answer, there's no foolproof check to see if an email exists.Not every server will tell you an account is invalid if you try to send an email to it and if you start spamming a server with junk test requests it can get you blacklisted (i.e.Spamhaus, etc)@BarışKURT And what if happily accepts both and just dumps the non-existent one without telling you?I am continually amazed by the insistence that somehow there's a magical way to determine that email exists for all email.

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