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Useful for woodland shelters, workshops, timber framing, kids swings/playgrounds etc. Woodbridge Suffolk Advert Start Date: 11/5/16 Standing Mature Poplar trees Approx half an acre of standing mature poplar trees ready for felling and removal. You’ll need to arrange site visit to see if its viable for you. The timber has been on the deck between 8-12 months. Delivery service available within local radius of 50 miles. Llanwrda, Mid-Wales Advert Start Date: 30/6/15 Seasoned Softwood for sale Seasoned Douglas and some clean larch for sale, all cut to 2.4m, suitable for chipping / processor-size firewood. The timber is stacked at roadside for convenient access. £40.00 per tonne Burwarton, Nr Bridgnorth, Shropshire Advert Start Date: 19/5/15 Ash Cordwood 2.4m (Large Diameter) I have around 10 ton of mainly ash but also a small amount of beech cordwood which is too large for my firewood processor. Access very good (in large yard) 5 mins from M25 J10. Ripley, Surrey Advert Start Date: 18/5/15 Oak log & Limbs We have a large amount of fresh English oak logs and limbs from a large oak tree we are in the process of removing and are looking to home. Barnet, London Advert Start Date: 14/5/15 Standing larch for Sale- North Derbyshire Parcel of standing larch for sale on western fringes of Chesterfield. redirect= Derbyshire Advert Start Date: 13/5/15 Hornbeam Cordwood I have for sale a small amount of hornbeam cordwood available in pick-up truck loads. Benfleet, Essex Advert Start Date: 28/4/15 Chip/ Log wood for Sale Sweet Chestnut - felled autumn 2014. Maidstone, Kent Advert Start Date: 2/12/14 Large Oak Trunk I have a large Oak trunk for sale. Cut 2013, sold and burned this winter, makes excellent firewood. Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 Advert Start Date: 1/4/15 Cedar Tree We have just secured approval for the large 150ft cedar tree in our garden to be taken down as it has reached the end of its life. Worcestershire Advert Start Date: 26/3/15 Holm Oak Firewood 2.5m We have roughly 180 tonnes of Holm Oak firewood for sale. Also available are 2 clean ash butts also 4m long and 50cm.

Felled this Summer 2016, 50% is processor size and shape, the rest would have to go through a splitter etc. Outwood, Surrey Advert Start Date: 9/11/16 Laburnum for Sale A small parcel of recently felled laburnum which is 35-40 yrs old. South West Scotland Advert Start Date: 25/10/16 Oak Sawlogs Medium/large standing oaks for thinning works. They measure from 6ft to 12ft OB at 1.5 high from ground level. South Molton, Devon Advert Start Date: 8/8/16 Processor sized oak for sale mid-Devon Around 100t of oak available at roadside in Mid-Devon. The timber will be cut to 2.3 metre lengths for the lorry unless agreed otherwise. Devon/Dorset border Advert Start Date: 5/8/16 Cordwood Mixed Hardwood Cut to manageable lengths. A grab lorry can access the woodland during dry season, when ground is hard. Hardwood consists of oak, birch, beech and hornbeam. From recent re-pollarding work (trees hadn't been pollarded for 90 years) Diameter varied, but up to 50cm). Cresselly Pembrokeshire Advert Start Date: 29/6/16 Firewood and Standing Timber for Sale Seasoned firewood for collection at roadside mix of Apple, Pear, Alder and Small-leafed Lime, more to follow. Happy to fell, or have felled, or sawn - good access for extraction will be created to roadside & hardstanding. The stacks will be guarded 24/7 and buyer inspection very welcome. Canopy is mostly sweet chestnut and a lot of it is pretty sizeable so you will need to be equipped to deal with 20-30 foot height overhangs.Wisley, Surrey Advert Start Date: 26/1/17 Over 100 Standing Poplar trees, 80-120ft Tall for Sale We have well over 100 Poplars ready to be removed, they have reached their time and some are starting to fall. It's coming up to the right time of year to get these out soon. Cresselly, Pembrokshire, Wales Advert Start Date: 13/9/16 Hardwood Firewood All Year Round Currently we have 150 tonnes of oak firewood for sale. Log lengths are 3m, various diameters, nothing too big nothing too small. Photo available via email, if you want to get an idea of what is waiting for you before making a journey. Dorset Advert Start Date: 19/8/16 Oak tree trunk for sale Recently-felled English oak trunk for sale. Trowbridge, Wiltshire Advert Start Date: 19/8/16 Yew branches offered I shall be thinning and pruning a large yew tree in the next month. Some will be 6-10 feet long and quite thick in diameter. I understand people want them to make cancer drugs. Cresselly, Pembrokeshire Advert Start Date: 19/6/16 Mixed Hardwood We have approx 60T of mixed Oak, Sycamore, and Ash all in 3 Metre Lengths, was felled 18 months ago. Chelmsford, Essex Advert Start Date: 9/6/16 Turkey Oak Logs Approx. Coventry Advert Start Date: 7/8/14 Sitka Spruce at roadside, Devon Available soon about 500m3 of mature Sitka (36 yrs) At roadside and cut to requirements. Cut to 16 foot lengths (with a couple of 22ft lengths). National - regularly delivering all over England Advert Start Date: 24/7/14 Poplar Roundwood for Sale at Roadside or Delivered We have approx 150-200 tonnes of small-diameter processor friendly Poplar for sale. Chorleywood, Hertfordshire Advert Start Date: 26/5/14 Approx 25 Leylandii During June 2014 I will have a large amount of Leylandii to be felled and removed from site.Ticehurst, East Sussex Advert Start Date: 8/9/15 Oak Trees Approx 80-90 tonnes of excellent oak trees for sale. South Ayrshire, Scotland Advert Start Date: 26/1/17 25 Ton Loads of Hardwood Firewood Avialable Hornbeam, Cherry, Birch and Ash cordwood for sale. Mostly Ash, but also Cherry, Maple, Oak, Birch, Hawthorn. Shrewsbury, Shropshire Advert Start Date: 1/1/17 Various Bits of Decorative Wood for sale Various lumps of Burr Oak from 1,000kg up to 2,000 kg. Available in Artic loads at roadside, or we can arrange delivery for you. Roadside Prices £1,350 an Artic load or £5,200 for 4 loads. The trunk is in excellent condition and very straight, measuring 9ft long and 20" dia approx. Shropshire Advert Start Date: 19/8/16 Ash, Cherry and Sweet Chestnut Roadside for Sale Roughly 15 tons of mixed cherry and ash cordwood available, all cut to 2m lengths. Diameters typically 30cm but range from 15cm to 60cm. Robertsbridge, East Sussex Advert Start Date: 7/8/14 Cordwood For Sale Large quantity of hardwood cord - lower grade suitable for chainsaw. Either for collection from Lowick Northants or delivered in locally in bulk loads. West Worcestershire Advert Start Date: 2/6/14 Hardwood cordwood for sale. My preference would be for someone to remove from site and take the timber free of charge.Based in Suffolk about 15 miles East of Cambridge CB9 7LQ. Suffolk Advert Start Date: 1/1/18 Beech Trees We have three large beech trees (two are multi-stemmed) on the rear boundary of our property. Sittingbourne, Kent Advert Start Date: 7/11/17 Hardwood Cordwood for Sale Mixed cord wood for sale Ash, birch, chestnut, alder, hazel mix. They are on the perimeter of a woodland and close to a main road in Solihull, so access is good. No blue stain/rot/knots, on flat yard suitable for portable milling. North Wales Advert Start Date: 28/8/17 Large Oak Trees I have around 25-30 large oak tress cut down and left in lengths as long as possible. I have chipped all of the branches and offcuts with bags and bags of oak chippings. Reigate, Surrey Advert Start Date: 28/6/17 Quantity of Freshly-Cut Sycamore and Cherry Wood for Sale Approximately 12 square metres (stacked) of freshly cut Sycamore and Cherry diameters available for sale. Freshly cut 9.6.2017 Wood is at Washington site, but can be collected from Hastings(St Leonards) site if £50 carriage is paid. I'm really taken with the multi-stemmed major union. South Devon area, not far from A38 Advert Start Date: 13/12/15 Red Oak Timber Available We have recently fell a large Red Oak and the timber is very healthy with no decay (pictures available) weve cut up the small logs for firewood but left main truck which is 3 foot wide and 15 foot long Anybody interested? East Grinstead, East Sussex Advert Start Date: 13/3/15 Mixed Coppice firewood and craftwood for sale About 50m3 at rideside of mixed coppice firewood. It's approximately 4 meters long and 1.2 across but will have exact dimensions upon enquiry. Lampeter area, West Wales Advert Start Date: 20/1/15 Chestnut Cordwood / Firewood £55.00 per cord no VAT. location: Henley On Thames Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire Advert Start Date: 12/12/14 Large Oak Trunk Beautiful huge trunk available, can be cut to size required. Bookham Commons, Surrey Advert Start Date: 13/11/14 Hardwood & Softwood cordwood We have available: Kent area / Hardwood Oak and Birch 2.3m partly-seasoned over 300 tonnes ready at roadside. Douglas Fir saw log under 30cm and above 30cm top dia. Cornwall & Kent Advert Start Date: 10/11/14 Corsican Pine for Sale Lorry load of Corsican pine for sale. Crowborough, East Sussex Advert Start Date: 10/11/14 Barter Exchange, Sussex We need help with felling birch in exchange for felling.Would anyone like the wood in return for free / reduced price felling? Solihull, West Midlands Advert Start Date: 19/10/17 Eucalyptus Wood in return for free felling If any organisation is prepared to fell a mature eucalyptus tree (trunk circumference about 2.5m) in return for the timber it will yield, please contact me. Good access and can provide pictures of everything. Washington, Tyne & Wear Advert Start Date: 14/6/17 Free Basket Willow Coppice We are looking for someone to enter a long term arrangement to coppice and use our 600-800 willows of many varieties suitable for basket weaving. I know some big bowl people who may want that, it would be a shame to lose the crotch figure though. Its location is on a school field in Solihull, West midlands Call me asap else its going to be chopped up for firewood. Hornbeam, ash, birch, oak, hazel, chestnut stacked rideside for summer extraction. Near Hastings, East Sussex Advert Start Date: 10/3/15 London Plane Butt One large very straight London plane butt for sale. Its near Guildford and will need to be collected not really sure what its worth so open to offers. 3.7m 4.9m 7.4m lengths Large Softwood Pine 10" - 30" at roadside in Cornwall £25 per tonne over 450 tonnes. For example, a 1/2 day or full day's felling and you can have whatever you manage to fell. Near Horsham West Sussex Advert Start Date: 3/11/14 Oak for Carving 4 Pieces of Oak seasoned for 8yrs. Sizes from 13" x 3" other end is 20"x 7" x 167" to 25"x 7"x 167 long Min Price accepted £90.00 All 4 sold together.

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